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What do you do in your spare time?

According to Peter Bregman in his article The Interview Question You Should Always Ask, employers should always ask job candidates “what do you do in your spare time?” This makes perfect sense, as Bregman outlines in his article. In coaching people to do work they love, I always ask this question in some form or... ...Continue Reading

Hiring Today

Watson Wyatt Worldwide reports that as of December 2008, 47% of US companies have frozen hiring, up from 30% in October. Another 18% plan to freeze hiring in 2009. The situation is a little brighter for seasonal workers. 28% of companies froze hiring in December, up from 17% in October. 16% plan to freeze hiring... ...Continue Reading

Discussing Salary

A friend is talking to an HR person today about a job possibility and she wrote me this question: What if salary comes up? I know the ballpark number from my friend, but I am loathe to talk about that now. How do I get out of it gracefully? Or should I? Regarding salary, most employers now... ...Continue Reading

Networking Works

“Three-quarters of people find jobs through being out there, engaged and meeting people,” said John A. Challenger, C.E.O. of Challenger Gray & Christmas, the outplacement firm. Quoted in the New York Times article: Can Volunteers Be a Lifeline for Nonprofit Groups? by Kelley Holland, 1/24/09. ...Continue Reading

New POW! Book by Andy Nulman

Andy Nulman is giving away 200 copies of his new book Pow! Right Between the Eyes! on his site at It looks like a really good take on marketing, catching people’s attention, using the power of surprise to grab people’s attention so they will look more closely at your product or service. ...Continue Reading

Express Your Passion & Enthusiasm for the Prospective Employer

From a recent ad for Oceana, a non-profit, here’s evidence that it really matters whether you emphasize your desire to work at a place: The Office Coordinator will support the Vice President of Global Development and will assist in fundraising efforts of Oceana. Oceana will only consider an individual who has a clear passion and... ...Continue Reading

Researching Keywords in Employment Ads

Katharine Hansen, Ph.D. wrote a terrific article on how to tailor your resume to match keywords in jobs for which you are interested. Visit the site to read her very wise words. ...Continue Reading

More evidence that networking works!

On CBS’s The Early Show on January 7, 2009, financial contributor Vera Gibbons gave a bunch of tips on how to find work in this economic environment – including on networking. She says: In this challenging economic environment, networking is more important than ever. I consulted with several career counselors, and each told me that... ...Continue Reading

Roles of Resumes, Interviews and References

Here’s a perspective from Bridgespan Group Partner Wayne Luke, head of executive search: Resume screening can provide insights into career progression, what the person views and values as major accomplishments and contributions, and how he/she packaged and leveraged experience into an engine for career progression. But it’s in “deep dive” interviews, based upon detailed discussions... ...Continue Reading

Realizing Ambitions

A young woman lamented her lack of ambition to me, comparing her current state to my condition at her age when I said I was ambitious and always looking for new work. It struck me that the issue for her is more likely that she doesn’t know clearly what she is ambitious to achieve. I... ...Continue Reading

Networking into a job

The chances of getting a job via networking are much better than any other method. In May 2000, 64 percent got them by networking. I’m unable to find more updated statistics, but anecdotal accounts on various HR and news websites indicates that recruiters want personal recommendations more and more. Why? It’s too difficult to wade... ...Continue Reading

Resume Rabbit looks like a new service that could be very helpful to job seekers. On it, you can post your resume “on up to 87 of the top job posting sites” and “choose from our long list of categories for online job banks.” They claim to “save you over 60 hours of data entry time.”... ...Continue Reading