Monthly archive December, 2008

Necessity is the Mother of Collaboration

The economy today forces people to be inventive – and potentially to collaborate. Non-profits are the original “do more with less” folks, and that sector’s creativity at leveraging is going to be stretched to its max over the next two to three years. As a society, we’ve gotten used to non-profits providing all sorts of... ...Continue Reading

Suggestions for someone seeking a clerical job

On, a woman wrote for advice on how to get a clerical job. She’s having a difficult time getting interviews. One person suggested she start her own business. I built on that with my response: If you can do lots of administrative work, check out being a Virtual Assistant. There’s an international association,,... ...Continue Reading

Achieving goals

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle I am struck by some common themes when reading stories about people who have set and achieved their goals. Many people have accomplished their goals. It is possible! Everyone started. They began. They took action. And then they watched... ...Continue Reading

Leadership via planning

I just talked to someone about developing her own leadership abilities, and how she can use strategic planning to help foster her leadership ability. She already encourages meetings for all senior staff to get on same page – a form of leadership for the entire organization. Now she can think of her role as promoting... ...Continue Reading

Maybe it’s not laziness!

I recently heard from a very hardworking person that she felt she was lazy because she is spending time laying around and isn’t producing much work. Here was my take on this. “It sounds like you are taking such terrific positive steps toward realizing your dreams – the website (can’t wait to see it!) and... ...Continue Reading