Monthly archive August, 2008

Abundance Mentality for Leaders

I wrote about establishing an abundance culture in an organization, emphasizing that the leader sets the tone and establishes the standard. The leader must be committed to and conscious about her or his own mentality, and is responsible for guiding the team toward developing their own abundance mentality. The question might arise “how do I... ...Continue Reading

Abundance-based Organizational Culture

What kind of culture does your organization have? Is it built on a sense of scarcity or abundance? Is there a feeling of love and generosity, or of withholding and punishment? Do people compete or cooperate? Can you learn from mistakes or do you fear doing something wrong? It’s very disempowering to work in a... ...Continue Reading

Setting Up a National Membership Organization

I recently did some research on how to set up a membership organization that is national in scope, specifically whether it’s very different than setting up a local non-profit. What I found is that there’s not a lot of difference. Every non-profit is a corporation, and is incorporated in a specific state – just as... ...Continue Reading

Life Lessons at Work

I always thought my teachers in life would be loving and generous. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” I thought I’d have gurus at whose feet I could sit, soaking up wisdom and knowledge of the universe, becoming enlightened myself. After enough rough times, however, I realized that my teachers didn’t wear... ...Continue Reading

Keep the Faith!

Sometimes it seems as if you’ll never reach your goal of finding the “right fit” job or work. And sometimes it’s hard to see the path ahead. Am I really headed in the right direction? How do I know I’m taking the right actions? While frustrating and perhaps even depressing, this state is a magical... ...Continue Reading

Changing Jobs and Clothes : Color

What to wear for the interview? It’s important, because clothes definitely send a big message to people observing and meeting us. From the color of our clothes, people form impressions of us before we even speak. Choose your clothing colors to convey an unspoken message, one that supports whatever verbal message you are delivering. By... ...Continue Reading

Networking and Information Interviews: Part 2

Networking is natural and easy when you start with people you know really well (your natural network) AND when you have a script! Once you identify someone to contact, decide whether to contact them by e-mail or phone. E-mail is easiest, especially for busy people. A phone call is better for someone you know really... ...Continue Reading

The Value of Networking

Networking for job search, business development, or career growth is valuable for a few reasons. You have to get clear about what you want to do and why you want help. Writing down your intention or goal is the biggest step toward actually realizing it. And asking someone else for help both forces and guides... ...Continue Reading

Networking and Informational Interviews: Part 1

Networking can sound intimidating. Yet you do it every day without thinking about it. Every time you ask someone to recommend a plumber, you’re networking. Every time you send your friend to another friend for advice about something, you’re networking. Every time you meet someone at a party and end up calling that person later,... ...Continue Reading

Finding Your “Right Fit” Work

Fantasy is useful to guide us toward our “right fit.” Don’t worry so much about whether something is achievable or not. Notice what you are interested in, drawn to. What magazines do you subscribe to? When you open a newspaper, what articles do you read almost or all the way through? If you decide to... ...Continue Reading

The Important Things

I have so much to do, I can’t seem to make time for anything new – even if it’s to follow my dreams and vision! I know it’s important but I just can’t get to everything. I hear this all the time from friends and colleagues when I suggest that they set a goal for... ...Continue Reading

Compensation Negotiations

Take the employer’s viewpoint when negotiating your compensation. You have a “live with” number for your compensation (salary, bonus and benefits) as well as your “want to have” number. “Live with” is the amount you need to make to meet your basic expenses and feel good about yourself. “Want to have” is what you really... ...Continue Reading