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The "So What?" Test for Resumes

The “So What?” Test for Resumes

Most of the resumes I read contain a bulleted laundry list of activities – things the person has done at each of their jobs. These lists are fundamentally unsatisfying to me when I put on my “I’m an employer” hat.  I don’t really care that you did something.  What I want to know is if your... ...Continue Reading
Finding That "Right Fit" Job:  Good News, Bad News

Finding That “Right Fit” Job: Good News, Bad News

The good news:  many job seekers, including my clients, get interviews for jobs.  The market is opening up a bit, and employers are replacing or adding to their staff. The bad news:  Many interviews don’t turn into job offers. Or is it really bad news? I think it’s GREAT news when interviews don’t turn into... ...Continue Reading
11 Steps to Transition from One Career to Another

11 Steps to Transition from One Career to Another

We move from one career to another by choice and because we have to.  Perhaps we’ve become bored with what we’re doing or we realize we never liked doing it in the first place – “I just fell into it” or “my parent did it, so I followed that example.”  Or maybe the work we’ve... ...Continue Reading
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