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How Do I Find the Right Job For Me?

Finding the right job for you is a result of knowing yourself, and then targeting jobs that allow you to be your best self in the workplace. Some people apply to any job that could use their skills and experience.  Some people apply to any job at all, regardless of whether it matches their skills... ...Continue Reading

Cover Letters That Do The Job

The job of a cover letter is to get you an interview, so you can continue the conversation with the employer about the prospective job.  You will have a better chance of crafting one if you treat it as an opportunity to show how your skills, abilities and experience are the right fit for the... ...Continue Reading

Network Your Way Into Your “Right Fit” Job

Most people hear that you need to network to find a job.  OK, so what is networking? Networking can sound intimidating. Yet you do it every day without thinking about it. Every time you ask someone to recommend a plumber or hairstylist or dentist, you are networking. Every time you send a friend to another... ...Continue Reading

Setting Salary Expectations

Right now, employers hold most of the cards in salary negotiations.  Websites like and point out that now is the time to get top-notch talent for relative bargain prices. “Relative” is the key word here.  Because most employers know that people who accept pay well below their desired salary will end up resentful... ...Continue Reading

When Job Search Success Starts

Great news! You’re getting some success in your job search – great networking meetings, opportunities to do consulting or free-lance work in your desired field, phone interviews, in-person interviews, reference checks. Uh-oh! Now that things are moving well with your job search, it can be easy to either Get freaked out and self-sabotage, or Get... ...Continue Reading

“I just want a job, any job!”

“I just want a job, any job!” is a cry I often hear. Yet it’s not true. Most people won’t settle for just any job. Suggest they work at Starbucks or Barnes & Noble and you’ll see (not that there’s anything wrong with those places!). People want to use their talents, skills, abilities in their work. ... ...Continue Reading

What Employers Do With Your Job Application

So many recruiters and HR people blog about what they look for when someone applies for a job. It is a great source of information for the determined job seeker who wants to be a job FINDER. I read those blogs and I talk to people who are hiring. Of course, different companies and different... ...Continue Reading

Help! I’m Dying Here!

Have you ever felt like that in your job? One of my clients just said this to me. My answer was “we can’t have that!” How awful is it for someone – even you – to feel like their job is killing them. Slowly, day by day, being ground down, boxed in, diminished, disempowered, devalued…until... ...Continue Reading

When Your “Right Fit” Work is Your Own Business

Most people hate working for someone else – at least that’s the message I hear every day. If you find a great boss – one who trusts and respects you, views you as a partner, manages at arms length – then it’s a lot easier. But a huge number of bosses are micro-managers, disempowering, critical,... ...Continue Reading

How I Found a Job Using Social Media – guest post

My tweep (Twitter pal) Will Deyamport just started a new job – and he owes it all to social media! Here’s his story of how he parlayed his love of social media into a paying gig and new career. Over the past year and a half, I have been actively involved on several social media... ...Continue Reading

Deciding Whether to Apply For a Job

How do you decide whether to apply for a job or not? I hear some people say they don’t want to apply for a job because they don’t think they want to work for that employer.  Maybe they’ve heard negative things about it from the news or former employees. Maybe they think it’s too big... ...Continue Reading

Whether to Apply or Not: Values, Purpose, Mission Fit

From a recent ad for Oceana, a non-profit, here’s evidence that it really matters whether you emphasize your desire to work at a place: The Office Coordinator will support the Vice President of Global Development and will assist in fundraising efforts of Oceana. Oceana will only consider an individual who has a clear passion and... ...Continue Reading