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Resumes That Work

Here’s how to make your resume an effective marketing document – marketing YOU and your abilities to a prospective employer. Your resume is a marketing document. Its job is to position you to get your “right fit” work. Thus, its content and format is crucial. It must convey to potential employers exactly what you have... ...Continue Reading

Why I Do What I Do

My coaching experience is one of the reasons I decided to start coaching, to offer others the same kind of help I got. I worked with a coach for 12 years while I was CEO of City Harvest and then of New York Restoration Project. It was one of the best decisions I ever made... ...Continue Reading

When Interviews Go Well

This morning, I got to do some mock interviewing with Lisa who is going for a third interview for a great job, one she wants. Then I read Rachel Zupek’s great piece on Careerbuilder about how to know whether your interview went well. Add to these my own long experience interviewing people (and being interviewed),... ...Continue Reading

FAQ #5-6: Working with Your Must Have List

Job seekers can get specific about what you really want from a job through your Must Have List. The Must Have List allows you to specify your bottom line requirements for your “right fit” job – those things that will make it possible for you to take and stay in a job happily. Once you’ve... ...Continue Reading

The Power of Specificity

This post by Paul DeBettignies (Minnesota Headhunter) demonstrates how powerful it is when you get specific about the kind of job you want. Paul tells the story of writing down his dream job and then almost immediately being offered the exact job. He manifested exactly what he wrote! Then he turned it down. Because it... ...Continue Reading

Free e-book – with one catch!

I’m offering a free e-book called Your “Right Fit” Job: Guide to Finding Work You Love, to anyone who wants it. The book is based on my very successful approach to job search. There’s only one catch: I need your e-mail address to send you the book. The process is to request the book via... ...Continue Reading

Tell Stories to Show Off Your Value

Story telling is a proven method for conveying key messages, usually by teachers, leaders and journalists. It is a technique that can work for job seekers, also, especially at a senior level. It’s a way for you to highlight key accomplishments, and indicate the scope and impact of your work. Here’s how to do it:... ...Continue Reading


It’s critical to include accomplishments in your resume. Here is a simple way to identify them. Make a four column, four row table. On top of the columns, list these questions across the table (one per column). What did you succeed at or accomplish? When, where and with who did you do this? How did... ...Continue Reading

Now Available! Your “RightFit” Job: Guide to Finding Work You Love

Now available is my e-book Your “Right Fit” Job: Guide to Finding Work You Love. The guide is like having me coach you through your job search process. You will follow the same step-by-step process I use with people who get the jobs they really want. Your “Right Fit” Job is based on two main... ...Continue Reading