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You Didn’t Get the Job You Wanted

I’m disappointed for you! And I completely understand that you are feeling discouraged. It’s a normal part of the job search process. What does it mean to not get a job you want? I’ve come to see that it means a) it wasn’t the right job for me and I can be grateful I was... ...Continue Reading

Personal SWOT Analysis

I’m an inveterate planner. It’s one of the best skills I learned through my decades in the non-profit sector. I planned everything: programs, hiring processes, budgets, and organizational strategic direction. Planning is the means by which I mapped out HOW to get to my GOAL, and WHAT I needed to do and assemble along the... ...Continue Reading

Reference Checks

Great news! You’ve made it through the interview process and now your prospective new employer wants to check your references. Reference checks are a little complex these days. Many employers no longer permit their employees to give any kind of verbal reference, instead directing inquiries to the Human Resources Department. And HR is only able... ...Continue Reading

November 12for12K Challenge is Tweetsgiving!

Join a global expression of gratitude on YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Posterous and blogs within the 48 hours of Tweetsgiving (11/24 – 11/26). The goal of Tweetsgiving is twofold: Create a viral expression of gratitude and Raise $10,000 in two days for a fantastic yet struggling school in Tanzania. Tweetsgiving is a chance for... ...Continue Reading

Cover Letters

I look at a lot of cover letters, and find that the majority can be improved with a few key changes. 1. Write it well. This means good grammar and sentence structure, logical flow and relevant content, as well as perfect spelling. If you are not a great writer, find a friend who can edit your... ...Continue Reading