Monthly archive July, 2009

What Have You Been Doing to Keep Your Skills Current?

This question is apt to be asked when you’ve been out of work a few months. And that is the case for many people these days. While it stinks to not have a job, what an amazing opportunity you have to learn some new things, get into the emerging trends and technology in your field,... ...Continue Reading

Use August Wisely

Remember the old saying that “luck favors the prepared” August is the perfect time to prepare to land your “right fit” job! Have your resume ready to go. While you’re working on your resume, employers are finalizing job descriptions and postings that will start to appear right before and right after Labor Day. Many employers... ...Continue Reading

Concrete Ideas for Reducing Fear of Failure and Rejection

For all of us afraid of “failing,” I found this great article by Richard Fenton: Secrets for Turning Failure Into Success. It contains the most useful ideas I’ve seen on how to recast failure as an asset and a goal instead of something to be avoided. It’s the change in attitude I was suggesting as... ...Continue Reading

Radical Change

Today, a client expressed in the baldest terms what I have heard over the past two weeks from a number of people: “There is nothing positive going on.” What’s funny is that she HAS a job. Others are looking for one and think it will make them happy. She is evidence that this is not... ...Continue Reading

Feeling Stuck and Growing Hope

Yesterday was the day of “stuckness” for several people. The primary theme was “I’ve done everything I can think of and I STILL don’t have a job.” The secondary theme was “I’ll never get a job.” And the tertiary theme was “I don’t know what else to do.” (Aren’t you impressed that I knew the... ...Continue Reading

Research to Make Your Resume a Powerful Marketing Document

Once you’ve finalized your resume, start to get feedback on it. This is the “market research” portion of your job search to ensure that your resume effectively positions you to get interviews for jobs you really want. Why do this research? Getting “market feedback” before finalizing your resume is a low-risk way to ensure you... ...Continue Reading