Monthly archive October, 2008

How can you be courageous today?

In our lives, we have two or three opportunities to be a hero, but almost every day, we have the opportunity not to be a coward. – Spanish proverb ...Continue Reading

Advice for a recent Smith College grad

Having helped lots of people get jobs in the non-profit sector, I’ve found it’s important to identify what you’re looking for (I use a “must have” list) as well as what your “core value proposition” is, to use a marketing term. When you know what you want to do and what you have to offer... ...Continue Reading

What if you don’t feel enthusiastic about a prospective employer?

When looking at job openings, I think it’s a good idea to check out the organization’s web site to get a better idea of its mission, values, activities and impact. There’s no better way of finding out whether the organization will be the right fit for you and whether you’ll be a good to great... ...Continue Reading

Setting and Achieving Goals

Often I hear and ask myself questions like “why am I not reaching my goals?” and “I keep trying, but I’m not succeeding – why?” I’ve found that it’s beneficial to focus on one goal instead of several. Work toward that one goal. First, of course, we need to settle on that one goal. Choosing... ...Continue Reading