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How to Handle Job Search Frustration

Frustrated with how long your job search is going? Here are some thoughts based on my having gone through many searches of my own (one lasted 2 years!) and witnessing the searches of many others: You will find a job. It is assured as long as you keep at it – meaning taking action. It’s... ...Continue Reading

Top 5 Career Options for People Who Love Food (guest post)

I led an anti-hunger non-profit (City Harvest in NYC) for 11 years, and got to know a lot about the food industry. So when Jennie Bharaj proposed writing about careers in the food industry, I said “yes!”  One of the links is for ex-pat chef jobs in India, as a reminder that food careers exist... ...Continue Reading

How to Respond to “You’re Overqualified” (Too Much of a Good Thing)

‘Tim’ thought the interview went really well.  He was pleased when the HR person confirmed that the team liked him.  So he was was astonished to hear this: “they were so impressed, they wondered why you would want this position. You seem really overqualified.” How do you respond to that? First, understand what “overqualified” really... ...Continue Reading
Purple Squirrel Hunting aka Job Postings

Purple Squirrel Hunting aka Job Postings

If you haven’t heard about purple squirrels, don’t worry. They don’t exist. Squirrels are not purple. Except in the minds of many people writing and posting job descriptions. You’ve seen those job descriptions that ask for someone who has so many qualifications, it seems impossible that any one person could meet those criteria. And chances... ...Continue Reading
Finding That "Right Fit" Job:  Good News, Bad News

Finding That “Right Fit” Job: Good News, Bad News

The good news:  many job seekers, including my clients, get interviews for jobs.  The market is opening up a bit, and employers are replacing or adding to their staff. The bad news:  Many interviews don’t turn into job offers. Or is it really bad news? I think it’s GREAT news when interviews don’t turn into... ...Continue Reading
3 Questions to Ask A Potential Employer

3 Questions to Ask A Potential Employer

Job interviews freak many people out. Many candidates focus almost entirely on what the employer is going to ask them.  And they stress about having the “right” answers. If you’re going to be successful in a job, however, you also need to know more about the employer and the position itself. You need to interview... ...Continue Reading
3 Lessons for Job Seekers from Marketing

3 Lessons for Job Seekers from Marketing

“If you’ve created something you truly believe in, then your obligation is to bring it to other people. There’s nothing seamy about it.” says Daniel Pink, author of many books including the very recent To Sell Is Human. That’s how I feel about all you job seekers.  You have talents and abilities that are needed... ...Continue Reading
One Column Jobseekers Must Read

One Column Jobseekers Must Read

My one “must read” for jobseekers is Corner Office, in the New York Times, by Adam Bryant. If you don’t have a subscription, use your free article reads for the month on this column.  Or go to the library and read them there. Every week on Sunday, on the inside front cover of the New... ...Continue Reading
Use Your Gut to Make Decisions During Job Search

Use Your Gut to Make Decisions During Job Search

  Daniel Goleman, the emotional intelligence “guru,” wrote this great article about how successful business people make decisions.  Essentially, they use their gut. In the article, Goldman gives guidance for how to access our “gut feeling.”  Gut feeling derives in part from all the neurons in our digestive system – or the enteric nervous system.... ...Continue Reading
Don't Do the Employer's Job for Them

Don’t Do the Employer’s Job for Them

“I don’t think they want someone so old.”   “I’m sure they’re looking for someone with more digital experience.” “I don’t have any major donor experience, which I’m sure they want.” “I don’t have a PMP yet so I bet they won’t consider me a serious candidate.” I could list many more reasons people have... ...Continue Reading
Square Pegs into Square Holes:  This is What "Right Fit" Job Means

Square Pegs into Square Holes: This is What “Right Fit” Job Means

I began using the term “right fit” job about 6 years ago, referring to work that fits you well.  Work that uses your skills, talents, gifts, abilities.  That demands your best effort.  That feels rewarding and satisfying.  Work that makes mornings great, where you wake up and say “oh good! I get to go to... ...Continue Reading
Should You Apply For a Position if You Don't Meet One Requirement?

Should You Apply For a Position if You Don’t Meet One Requirement?

I just got an email from a client wondering if she should apply for a job that is right in her area of expertise and experience.  She doesn’t have one of the required qualification, however.  So she wondered if she should bother applying. I advised her to apply, based on my knowledge of the hiring... ...Continue Reading
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