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How to Respond to “You’re Overqualified” (Too Much of a Good Thing)

‘Tim’ thought the interview went really well.  He was pleased when the HR person confirmed that the team liked him.  So he was was astonished to hear this: “they were so impressed, they wondered why you would want this position. You seem really overqualified.” How do you respond to that? First, understand what “overqualified” really... ...Continue Reading
7 Tips for How to Decode a Job Description

7 Tips for How to Decode a Job Description

Job descriptions contain all sorts of information about a job, beyond describing the position’s responsibilities.  Knowing how to find the “hidden” aspects of a job can mean the difference between a successful application and no response.  Here are some things to look for: 1.  The impact of the position. While most job descriptions contain a list... ...Continue Reading
Should You Apply For a Position if You Don't Meet One Requirement?

Should You Apply For a Position if You Don’t Meet One Requirement?

I just got an email from a client wondering if she should apply for a job that is right in her area of expertise and experience.  She doesn’t have one of the required qualification, however.  So she wondered if she should bother applying. I advised her to apply, based on my knowledge of the hiring... ...Continue Reading
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