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3 Key Social Media Tools for Job Search

3 Key Social Media Tools for Job Search

Social media is all about creating and maintaining a network of people you like, respect, and have some kind of affinity with. These are the 3 key social media sites I use and that I recommend for job seekers. 1. LinkedIn. I talk about it all the time – LinkedIn is the place to find... ...Continue Reading
Do I Really Have to Use LinkedIn? Or, You Can Improve Your Job Search With Social Media

Do I Really Have to Use LinkedIn? Or, You Can Improve Your Job Search With Social Media

Fast Company magazine just ran a piece on how big companies are using social media for recruiting, especially to get the most capable candidates.  Take a look at the infographic toward the bottom to see some fascinating statistics about which companies are really using LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook – and the results they get. LinkedIn... ...Continue Reading
Job Seekers Beware! Employers Now Want Your Social Media Password

Job Seekers Beware! Employers Now Want Your Social Media Password

I read a shocking article today about some employers and colleges asking to see people’s Facebook pages, and insisting on being able to monitor their Facebook and social media accounts. It starts with this quote: If you think privacy settings on your Facebook and Twitter accounts guarantee future employers or schools can’t see your private... ...Continue Reading This, Riddle Me That: How to Approach Facebook’s Application

Thinking about joining Facebook’s new application? This is FB’s move into the business networking arena, touted to be a way to “tap into the 750 million people on Facebook to advance your career” and “to get an inside connection to 3 million jobs.” Before you do, learn a little about how it is different... ...Continue Reading

How to use Facebook and Google for Job Search

People suggest that you use Facebook in job search. You can, with caution.  For Facebook is a double-edged sword, in my opinion. Most people use Facebook for personal connections – old high school and college buddies, far-flung family and friends, etc.  That makes it a great place to do personal networking – telling your network that you... ...Continue Reading

Job Search Using Social Media

Everyone says that networking is the best way to get a job. I agree. And social media is a critical part of networking in today’s job market. The Big Three of social media for job search are LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.  These are the places you’ll find job listings, advice on how to do a... ...Continue Reading

Example of Networking

A chef out of work for a year asked whether it’s possible to network effectively via social networking sites. It absolutely is possible. The big three for networking are LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. LinkedIn is perhaps the best place for professional networking with more than 40 million users. Sign up for LinkedIn, create your profile,... ...Continue Reading

E-Job Search Tools

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn – these are the newest mechanisms for job seekers and employers alike. Twitter has #jobangels, where folks who have and need jobs can post and meet up. Facebook also has JobAngels, and a growing number of baby boomer and Gen X users. I’m now reconnecting with a ton of high school... ...Continue Reading

How to Find Work You Love

The work as I see it (mostly in this order): Zero in on what you really want to do. What do you love doing? What do you do well? In what environment and culture do you thrive? What’s your “live with” number for compensation? This is your “must have list.” Develop a final profile and... ...Continue Reading