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Top 5 Career Options for People Who Love Food (guest post)

I led an anti-hunger non-profit (City Harvest in NYC) for 11 years, and got to know a lot about the food industry. So when Jennie Bharaj proposed writing about careers in the food industry, I said “yes!”  One of the links is for ex-pat chef jobs in India, as a reminder that food careers exist... ...Continue Reading
Exploring New Job & Career Options:  How to Begin

Exploring New Job & Career Options: How to Begin

I often get people asking me how they can move into another field, or how to identify other occupations and careers that will use their skills. Be forewarned: this exploration takes time and effort, and you may feel like you are in the dark for quite a while.  You will learn a lot, and you can’t... ...Continue Reading
How to Improve Your Skills & Knowledge "On the Cheap"

How to Improve Your Skills & Knowledge “On the Cheap”

Keeping your skills up to date is difficult when you’re unemployed.  One way to learn new skills and keep up with your field is by taking classes. I hear you now: Even if I  have the time to take classes, who has the money to invest? That’s where MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses) come in.... ...Continue Reading

How to Find a Career You Love, Based on Your Strengths

If you are like most people, you want to say those words with a straight face, and mean them. It is possible when you look for jobs and build a career based on your natural strengths and talents. I call this your “right fit” work. Just as there are clothes that fit us better, so... ...Continue Reading

You Have the Power: How Do You Want to Be Perceived in Your Career?

Knowing how you want to be perceived is key in any career interaction. When you have an intention, you can make decisions that will lead you closer to realizing that intention. These are some questions I ask my clients to help them frame their intentions and then develop effective strategies: How do you want your... ...Continue Reading
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