Market yourself into your “right fit” job with coaching.  I coach people to find your “right fit” job.  This means I:

  • Ask the right questions to get to know you really well, and identify your “core value proposition” – what you do so well and enjoy doing so much that you provide fantastic value to an employer.
  • Craft materials that hit emotional hot buttons, and make an employer want to see YOU.
  • Prepare resumes that effectively market your core value proposition.
  • Work with you to zero in on EXACTLY what you want to do and to answer the question “what are you looking for?” so that it’s really easy for other people to help you in your search.
  • Coach you to prepare cover letters that convey your core value to an employer, matching it to exactly what an employer needs.
  • Ready you for interviews so you make it a no-brainer for the employer to ask you back.
  • Support you in networking – the single most effective way to get seen by employers.
  • Empower you in your search process by identifying your “Must Have List” – what you need in work to do your very best – so you are interviewing and evaluating employers at the same time they interview you.
  • Help you grow in confidence as you pursue your job search.
Here’s a brief description of what someone gets when they work with me.
The resume is the written marketing document that shows employers the value they will get when they hire someone, and it is focused on positioning people for the work they want to do. My experience with clients is that the more specific they are, the easier it is for them to find what they want. The resume actually is just the tip of the iceberg people come away with when they work with me. You will:
  • gain awareness of your Core Value Proposition (skills, talents, and approach to work)
  • have examples of it to use in interviews
  • become more confident in your value to an employer.
  • be able to target jobs that will use your Core Value Proposition, so you’ll have a more strategic, smarter job search.
  • have the answer to the question “So what are you looking for?” – a question that is so hard to answer.
  • know how to network
  • be set up on LinkedIn
In addition, I give people a guide to writing compelling cover letters that effectively market them to employers, and am available to edit them and help them develop the skill to write a great cover letter.
Because I start with the person – what they want to do next – I have developed a process and series of questionnaires that helps me get to know them very well, very fast.  It’s a 10 session process, usually done in weekly or twice-weekly 45-55 minute sessions.  The cost for that process includes the writing of the resume.
If you have severe financial constraints, I can do a fast track process, which will take 4-5 sessions; writing the resume is an additional cost (the equivalent of 2 sessions). I don’t like doing it because I can’t really provide the optimal quality product. The few people I’ve worked with this way have gotten jobs they want, so it does work.

Contact me at for more information about how I work and how I can help you find your “right fit” work.