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5 Reasons to Target Your Job Search

5 Reasons to Target Your Job Search

Looking for a job requires a lot of effort. Why not direct your efforts most effectively? Target your search to jobs that use your talents and skills. You’ll stand a better chance of getting what you want. Here’s why: 1. Get Good Help: You make it easier for people to help you when you know... ...Continue Reading
How to Decode a Job Description & Position Yourself Well

How to Decode a Job Description & Position Yourself Well

The following is the sum total of the job description available to C before she goes for an interview at XYZ Company. Director of Digital Strategy (posted on 5/29/12) XYZ Company is seeking an experienced Director of Digital Strategy to define innovative and highly effective digital marketing strategies for our Fortune 500 clients. Excellent client... ...Continue Reading
Job Search Basic: Ask for Help with Cover Letters

Job Search Basic: Ask for Help with Cover Letters

“I have been described before by past supervisors as tedious, hard working, and driven.” Huh? Did he say “tedious?” As if it is a good thing? I’m reviewing resumes for a client seeking an entry level person and it’s eye-opening. These young people clearly know to write a cover letter, as requested, but they aren’t... ...Continue Reading
Be Like Successful Contestants on "The Voice": Show Your Passion!

Be Like Successful Contestants on “The Voice”: Show Your Passion!

I admit it: I watch The Voice on television. It’s great for this student of human nature, motivation and manifesting of intentions. This week, I was struck by how often the coaches urged contestants to channel their emotion, to convey the meaning and feeling of the words, to be fully present to the audience. One... ...Continue Reading

Job Search Basic: Spelling & Grammar Really Matter

One thing stands out in a crowded applicant pool: spelling and grammar mistakes. If you submit a resume and cover letter with spelling and grammar mistakes, the recruiter or HR person will toss your materials out.  Here’s why: These mistakes show: Lack of attention to detail Carelessness Disregard for the simple correction tools available in... ...Continue Reading

Job Search Basic: Targeted Cover Letters Stand Out

A targeted job search is more effective than a scattershot job search. Targeted means you apply for jobs for which you have the right skills, abilities and desire. If you’re right for a lot of jobs, you must show the prospective employer that you care about THEIR job. Here’s how:   tailor the cover letter to each... ...Continue Reading

How to Cope with Electronic Gatekeepers AKA Application Software

Mike tried to apply for a position with his updated resume, and to submit a cover letter.  Apparently when he applied for a similar position a few months ago, his old resume was kept on file and the software will not let him resubmit a new resume or cover letter. Here are the two approaches... ...Continue Reading

How to Make Cover Letters Easier to Write

“Isn’t there an easier way to write cover letter? Can I use a generic one? They take so long to write…” Yes, cover letters take time, and actually they should. Because you want the employer to know and feel that you are focused on them and the position they need filled. That said, there are... ...Continue Reading

Listen to What Employers Tell You, or Write as Long a Cover Letter as You Need to Make Your Point(s)

My friend Sue got an interview with a trading company in response to her cover letter and resume, as well as answers to an on-line questionnaire. When I looked at her cover letter, I crowed with delight to see a TWO-PAGE letter! I explained that some of my clients think my cover letter samples are... ...Continue Reading

Cover Letters That Do The Job

The job of a cover letter is to get you an interview, so you can continue the conversation with the employer about the prospective job.  You will have a better chance of crafting one if you treat it as an opportunity to show how your skills, abilities and experience are the right fit for the... ...Continue Reading

Improving a Good Cover Letter

Last week, I read a cover letter that was pretty good at explaining the applicant’s credentials for the position. While I didn’t see the job description, I presumed that the specific job called for the various skills and experience the person cited. That’s good, because key word searches use the job description as a starting... ...Continue Reading

Tell Stories to Show Off Your Value

Story telling is a proven method for conveying key messages, usually by teachers, leaders and journalists. It is a technique that can work for job seekers, also, especially at a senior level. It’s a way for you to highlight key accomplishments, and indicate the scope and impact of your work. Here’s how to do it:... ...Continue Reading