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How to Answer Difficult Interview Questions: “Tell Me About Yourself”

“Tell me about yourself.” It’s an interview question many people don’t know how to answer to their best advantage. There’s a great way to structure your answer and it’s based on your Core Value Proposition. If you’ve read much of my blog or my book, you know that my goal is for you to identify... ...Continue Reading

And Now For Something Completely Different: Is Groupon for the Small Service Business?

Because I know something about marketing, my friend Viv asked me what I thought about Groupon for her business. She’s a massage therapist and always seeking ways to build her clientele. I responded using the same target marketing perspective I use with all job seekers – find what works best for you and your particular... ...Continue Reading This, Riddle Me That: How to Approach Facebook’s Application

Thinking about joining Facebook’s new application? This is FB’s move into the business networking arena, touted to be a way to “tap into the 750 million people on Facebook to advance your career” and “to get an inside connection to 3 million jobs.” Before you do, learn a little about how it is different... ...Continue Reading

Shame, Fear, Confusion: Difficult Interview Questions

Everyone has a “difficult interview question” they need to answer. Don’t be afraid to breathe in an interview. Take a moment to reflect on difficult questions before you interview! I  call it the “pause that refreshes,” to swipe an old ad tagline. A client asked: “I’ve sent some resumes out and it just occurred to... ...Continue Reading

“OMG, I Got an Interview!” How to Handle the Job Interview with Ease

I am prepping several people for interviews – hooray! What a great opportunity for them to further explore whether this is the right fit job for them. Obviously, in this economy, people are grateful that they have even gotten an interview. It IS wonderful to be asked to come to an interview. Remember that you’ve... ...Continue Reading

Job Search is at Least a Triathlon: Open Letter to a Frustrated Job Seeker

Summer can be hard on job seekers, and several people have been discouraged by, among other things, lack of response to their LinkedIn networking requests. It reminded me that job search requires stamina and skill in several different areas – sort of like a triathlete has to master three different sports and build up their... ...Continue Reading