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9 Step Road Map: How to Find Your “Right Fit” Job

I believe everyone deserves to do work they love.  Work that is fulfilling and fun. Work that uses your talents and most-cherished skills. Work that you would do for free if you could afford to do that. Work that “fits” you – your “right fit” work. This usually is a job, in our current economy.... ...Continue Reading

Job Search is a Team Sport: How to Build Your Winning Team

The very idea that you can find a job on your own is ludicrous. I don’t know anyone who really believes that. At very least, you need an employer to hire you. Yet how many job seekers intentionally create a team to support their job search?  Often, we look back and see that we had... ...Continue Reading

Good News: “I won’t get the job because…”

You got the interview, you think it went well, and you have this feeling that you still won’t get the job. And you even know why. Guess what? If you think there’s a problem, then there probably is. This is great news! Your intuition is telling you something.  You really do know why the employer... ...Continue Reading

Treat Your Job Search Like a Marketing Campaign

It’s called the “job market” for a reason. It’s a market, full of buyers and sellers – also known as employers and applicants/candidates. Treat your job search like a marketing campaign.  You are the “product” and employers are your potential market. Smart marketers know their market well – they know what the market wants and... ...Continue Reading

Work LinkedIn into Your Job Search

LinkedIn is THE professional networking site for job search. It’s an adjunct to your overall networking effort, adding to whatever you are doing face-to-face, via telephone and e-mail. Make sure you have a complete profile: Fill in every section – at very least: Summary, Specialties, Experience, Education. Add a picture – head shot, neutral background,... ...Continue Reading

Know Your Personality for a Good Culture Fit at Work

Personality tests. That phrase can drive people crazy. Especially since more companies are asking candidates to take them as part of the interview process. “Those tests don’t really tell you anything.” “I hate taking tests!” “Why do they want to know my personality?” “What are the right answers?” The reality is that these assessment mechanisms... ...Continue Reading

What to Expect from an Interview for a Non-Profit Job

Non-profits hire just like any other company – sometimes well, sometimes badly. So non-profit hiring managers will ask most of the same questions as for-profit hiring managers. One thing I know is that non-profit hiring takes much more account of someone’s passion. KEY QUESTION: “Why do you want to work here? What’s your motivation?” It... ...Continue Reading