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Appearance Matters at Job Interviews

How much does appearance matter? I Googled the phrase “appearance matters” and came up with 6,520,000 results. Clearly, appearance matters a lot in the world. And it matters a lot in the job world. Adding “job” produced the very interesting result that the first several pages of search results are devoted largely to the topic... ...Continue Reading

Getting a Job Offer

An interesting phenomenon occurred with two clients over the past 2 weeks: both got job offers they were not ecstatic about. One decided to take the position, with trepidation. The other is still deciding. Huh??? In this economy, after searching for about a year, they aren’t ecstatic about getting a job? What’s up with that?... ...Continue Reading

Why Is It So Hard to Get a Job?

Here’s a blog post that answers that question, from the blog “What Would Dad Say” by GL Hoffman. GL has a spot-on irreverence that I value greatly. I have included only the first five answers to the question “why is it so hard to get a job?” If you want to see the other answers,... ...Continue Reading

Job Search “Must Have” List

I created this list to help people zero in on what they want in a job or work.  When you know what you want, it is far easier to develop a plan to get there. This is a list of aspects of a job or work that you MUST have.  This is not “want to... ...Continue Reading

How to Not be Nervous at Job Interviews

Peggy McKee is a recruiter who has several videos regarding the job search process. In this video, she gives three short tips for reducing nervousness before and during a job interview. Each of the tips is definitely worth putting in your tool kit as a start to get ready for having great interviews.  Take each... ...Continue Reading

Job Interview Tips That Work

I had to share this article by Adam Waxler: “12 Job Interview Tips to Help You Ace Your Next Interview!” So you’ve written and re-written your resume and cover letter countless times…you’ve used every trick in the book to make your resume and cover letter stand out. You’ve finally sent them out to get your... ...Continue Reading

Why to Consult During Your Job Search

I often recommend that my clients consider consulting – using their skills on projects for pay. There are at least 4 obvious reasons. Reason #1: You’ll have a reason to get up in the morning. Reason #2: You can make some money to pay bills. Reason #3: You’ll have actual work to do and keep... ...Continue Reading

Be Specific About Your “Right Fit” Job

When you network, you will be asked “so what do you want to do?” Here’s a simple formula for answering it in a sentence or two. Write an “intention statement”that captures the core value proposition you offer employers, the skills you want to use and the impact you want to make, as well as giving... ...Continue Reading

Job Search and Law of Attraction–o Source: “Envision Your Way to Job Search Success” by Susan Bernstein at Most of us have heard of The Secret and the Law of Attraction. How does that work in a job search? In this video, the wonderful Susan Bernstein shows some simple steps toward getting the exact job you want. The steps... ...Continue Reading