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12for12K – Support Doctors Without Borders TODAY!

Today is 12for12K – let’s raise $12,000 in 12 hours for Doctors Without Borders – amazing healers going where so many others will not go – JOIN ME! Simply click the title of this post, or click below. 12for12K Doctors Without Borders is 12for12k’s September charity. Please do what you can to help us meet... ...Continue Reading

Build your cover letter around employer’s WIIFM (what’s in it for me)

Employers wonder “What’s in it for me if I hire you? What are you going to do for ME, if I do this great thing for you – giving you a job and paycheck?” Use your cover letter to answer that question. The point of a cover letter is to convince the employer that you... ...Continue Reading

Important to Get Encouragement!

I sent this e-mail message to a client who is pursuing a “dual path” – meaning she has a long term goal which requires her to get additional education and a credential, while also making money to support herself. She had to miss an appointment, and I thought I’d send her a message that would... ...Continue Reading

Intention Statement: Be REALLY Specific

Every job seeker needs a powerful intention statement – a 5 to 10 second answer to the question “so what are you looking for?” It has to GRAB the listener immediately. So over the past few days, I’ve worked with people to zero in on specifically what they want to do. To be more specific,... ...Continue Reading

Never Give Up!

Job searching can be a seemingly endless process. It does have an end, because it had a beginning. We simply don’t know when the end will come. Rest assured, it will end with you getting a job. This past week I heard from two people who’ve been looking for quite a while (months and months)... ...Continue Reading

On Another Topic: 12for12K Fundraising

I got sidetracked by a conversation about a great Twitter fundraising effort called 12for12K – raise $12,000 in 12 hours for a specific charity. A non-profit fundraising consulting criticized 12for12K, and in so doing, inspired great outrage and anger on the part of those who are its fans. [full disclosure: I am a fan and... ...Continue Reading

Job Transitions

Congratulations! You’ve realized it’s time for a new job. But not just any job. You spend 40 to 60 hours a week at work. So now you want to be fulfilled and happy with your work. It’s true that you do have financial obligations. Yet money alone isn’t enough anymore. Maybe you’re tired of office... ...Continue Reading

Cover Letters: Using “Low Profile Selling” Techniques in Job Search

At the World’s Greatest Marketing Seminar, a guy named Tom Hopkins spoke about “low-profile selling” – he apparently is one of the masters of selling and has been emulated and idolized for years. His approach is to focus on the client’s needs, to fully explore their needs, and then provide the solution. By focusing on... ...Continue Reading

Example of Networking

A chef out of work for a year asked whether it’s possible to network effectively via social networking sites. It absolutely is possible. The big three for networking are LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. LinkedIn is perhaps the best place for professional networking with more than 40 million users. Sign up for LinkedIn, create your profile,... ...Continue Reading

Should I Take This Job? Maybe It’s Not My Right Fit…

Here’s a problem I’d like to see more of: someone has been offered a job AND has an interview at another company next week. The question: should I take the job I was offered or try to go on the interview and see if that’s a better fit for me? Whatever you do, don’t take... ...Continue Reading

Networking Tips from Carrie Wilkerson

Carrie Wilkerson, the Barefoot Executive, is a networking genius. In a video I recently watched, she made these KEY POINTS about how you can more effectively network: When you meet someone, make a personal connection. Find out what they are interested in. Notice what they talk about, what excites them, what part of conversation they... ...Continue Reading

Use Marketing Tools For Job Search

Having just returned from “The World’s Greatest Marketing Seminar” I am full of ideas about how job seekers can better position themselves. A key message from many speakers is that marketers are in the business of solving people’s problems. People (and people run businesses and hire other people) are usually familiar with and able to... ...Continue Reading
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