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Improving Your Resume

I received this e-mail from a woman who is revising her resume. I’d sent her some suggestions, including putting a list of CORE CAPABILITIES under her PROFILE. In response, she said “I have included below the top section of a friend’s resume. Let me know what you think. I am thinking that it may be... ...Continue Reading

Working with Chronic Illness

I just read a great post about someone who has medical issues and also wants to work for pay Almost 50 and Minimal Work Experience. JT & Dale give excellent suggestions including a referral to Rosalind Joffe, a career coach who specializes in helping people with chronic illnesses ( As someone who’s also dealt with... ...Continue Reading

Get a job, any job??

Yes, you need to pay the bills. In that sense, any job is a good job. My experience is, however, that the more targeted you are in terms of the kind of job you want, the more likely you are to get it. I have seen people desperate for a job finally get one when... ...Continue Reading

Your Must Have List

This is a list of 5-6 aspects of a job or work that you MUST have. This is not “want to have.” This list is of the things that you must have in order for you to be satisfied and content in your work, the things that will make it possible for you to be... ...Continue Reading

Market Yourself in Thank You Notes

Always send a thank you note after any kind of interview, phone or in person. It’s a chance for you to reinforce your skills, your ability to meet the responsibilities of the position for which you’re applying. Use the opportunity to reiterate your interest and amplify some point from the conversation that perhaps you wish... ...Continue Reading

Pre-Interview Suggestions

A few people are having interviews in the next couple of days. Here’s some of what I suggest as interview preparation: 1. Remember to focus on what you provide of value to solve his problems – that’s what he is interested in. I always say “employers care about your past only as it relates to... ...Continue Reading

Real Life Advice for Networking

I had the amazing opportunity to help a former employee from City Harvest, who is now looking for a food service operations job. He has so many skills and abilities, and now has the marketing materials to let others know about them – resume and stories about accomplishments. Now his task is to get his... ...Continue Reading

Career Change at the Movies

Linsey Levine, MS is a fabulous CareerCounsel[or] who posted this great article from another Career Coach, Meg Montford. I’ll be going to the movie VERY soon (especially since I’m known as Julie and Julia). I love the article because it provides some guidance for identifying what you love to do and then pursuing it. I... ...Continue Reading

Resumes That Work

Columnist Deborah Wheatman lists Four Reasons You Aren’t Getting the Interview and one of them is a boring resume. Here are some ideas for making your resume an effective marketing document – marketing YOU and your abilities to a prospective employer. Your resume is a marketing document. Its job is to position you to get... ...Continue Reading

Staying Positive

Tweeters, bloggers and columnists are united in emphasizing how important it is for people to develop and maintain a positive attitude during a job search. In fact, the consensus is that you’ll be more successful in your job search if you can stay positive. My gang asks “how do I stay positive?” Several are depressed,... ...Continue Reading
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