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25 Things a Professional Woman Should Never Wear

In the article reached by clicking on this post’s title, WomenCo lists clothing and accessories that do not belong in the office or at the workplace. Certain exceptions are listed – all of which make the point that most people need to treat the workplace with respect. Kim Kardashian can get away with wearing tons... ...Continue Reading

Must Have List

This is a list of 5-6 aspects of a job or work that you MUST have. This is not “want to have.” This list is of the things that you must have in order for you to be satisfied and content in your work, the things that will make it possible for you to be... ...Continue Reading

Whose Advice Should You Take on Job Search?

I always tell people that it’s important to listen to folks who are very involved in the employment arena and use their suggestions – and you have to be comfortable with what eventually is seen by the outside world. No one person has all the answers. However, it’s worth listening to someone who has a... ...Continue Reading

Know Thyself and Find Work You Love

It IS possible to have both paycheck and satisfying work. In fact, it’s optimal. Experts agree: You deliver the most value to an organization when you do what you love. Doesn’t it make sense for you to do work that is suited to your personality, values, preferences, and skills? That’s what I call your “right... ...Continue Reading

Interview Outfits

With second interviews coming up, two people have asked me what they should wear. I respond by asking what they wore the first time, and if they were comfortable in it. Then I say “wear the same thing.” Yes, wear the exact same outfit to your second interview that you wore to your first. Two... ...Continue Reading

Powerful Resume Words

In a crowded marketplace, you can stand out with an powerfully-worded resume. Use distinctive words to describe your accomplishments. Such words will tell a great story about your communication skills and writing ability, at the same time as they answer the question “what has this person actually achieved in his/her career?” The article from Pongo... ...Continue Reading

Job Hunting on Twitter

Click here for a link to the post on 30 Must Follow Twitter Profiles and Sites for Job Hunters. Other interesting sites re job hunting via social media sites: Careerealism’s Twitter Advice Project I found my job on Twitter Search Engine Marketing in Job Search Use Twitter to Job Hunt Use Your Blog in Job... ...Continue Reading

Ending “Procrastination”

So often, I’ve identified a goal I want to reach or a project I want to do, yet somehow I never get around to doing it. By examining the reasons for this so-called “procrastination,” I realized that often I was afraid I’d miss some critical step and fail. Other times, I didn’t have the faintest... ...Continue Reading

Smart Networking Question

If you want to go into a new field, a great question to ask is: What opportunities might there be in this field for someone with my background and qualifications? Ask experts in the field you target. Find them through networking – through people you know who know them, through LinkedIn, and through requests to... ...Continue Reading

1000 recruiters on Twitter!

Click here for list of 1000 people (tweeps) who have “recruiter” in their profile on Twitter. You also can follow them all as a group. No information about what industries they recruit for, but those recruiters I’ve seen are focused on PR, HR, tech, and food service so there’s probably a WIDE range. ...Continue Reading

Your Cover Letter Markets You

Cover Letters Matter A cover letter is your chance to present yourself as a terrific match with the employer’s needs as laid out in the job posting and description of responsibilities and qualifications. You need to convince them that you have the goods to be able to do this job superlatively. The cover letter makes... ...Continue Reading

More Job Search Sites

Twitter-related Job Search is a new service that brings recruiters, hiring managers and job seekers together on Twitter. There are Twitter Channels for major cities and job types, and it’s really easy to subscribe to those channels. They send job notices as text messages to your cell phone, and you can follow them on... ...Continue Reading