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Appearance or The One Thing You Can Control

In a world in which we can control so little, there is plenty of reason to spend time on the one thing we do have control over: our personal appearance. The article you can reach by clicking on this post’s title details “10 Things Recruiters Won’t Tell You” by JT O’Donnell — and most of... ...Continue Reading

Interview Questions

The most difficult interview questions are the ones you aren’t prepared to answer. Often, these questions fall into two categories. 1. There are questions you wish won’t be asked because you haven’t come to terms with or become comfortable with the answers. These include “why did you leave your last job?” when you were laid... ...Continue Reading

Confidential Job Search using Social Networks

Using social networks for a job search is smart. What if you want to keep your search confidential? Can you use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter then? The good news is that all these networks have the option of private communication between contacts, so use them. LinkedIn is especially great for confidential searches because, apart from... ...Continue Reading

Pay Cut?

Furloughs and pay cuts are a fact of life today. So how does one deal with reduced income and increased workload? 1. Accept reality. This is happening everywhere. Bosses are doing what they think is right for the greatest number, and getting kudos for doing so. Personally, I think it’s great that leaders are doing... ...Continue Reading


Click here to read an article that gives great strategies for overcoming the perception that you are “overqualified” for a lower-level or similar-level job within your current industry. Some of these tips are also useful if you want to transition to the non-profit field from the for-profit field, or switch industries. In these instances, it... ...Continue Reading

Volunteering for Non-profits as a Career Strategy

Volunteering is a great way to start in the non-profit field. Here are some tips to make it easier for you to succeed. Find one to three with missions in which you really believe . You can find groups in your area on or any volunteer matching group in your community. Research the groups... ...Continue Reading

Thank You Notes Matter!

To distinguish yourself from other candidates, always send a thank you note to the person or people who interviewed you. Establish a personal connection through your note. You are writing to a person who works in a specific place doing real things. So show that you know what they do. Refer to something raised during... ...Continue Reading

Visual CV

It appears that at long last, there is a way to gather all your resume information onto one site – your resume, LinkedIn profile, portfolio of documents and visual items. For now, it is free. I saw someone else’s Visual CV and thought “at last!” I have just signed up for it and will be... ...Continue Reading

Yes, I’m Grateful to Have a Job…

But isn’t there something more? If you’re asking this question, don’t feel silly. It’s OK to ask this question in today’s economic climate. In fact, this is a great time to ask such a question. Think of it as beginning to invest in your career future. Ask and explore now, and you’ll be ready when... ...Continue Reading

Cover Letters: attachment or in e-mail body?

Apparently, this question is in the air, as a job seeker noted in her IM to me this morning. My initial response was: Normally, I’d say “attach” as you control the look of your letter. Also, I think folks are more likely to just skim an e-mail instead of really reading it, and highly unlikely... ...Continue Reading

Stop-Gap Measures in Job Search

Several people I work with are looking at ways to convert their professional expertise into consulting business. The motivation: jobs are fewer and more far between than they initially hoped and they need to make some money. And they need to keep busy, keep their skills sharp, and be of use to the world. There... ...Continue Reading

Be happier at work

Live your principles at work instead of focusing on the end result. Your focus becomes the process of building integrity vs gaining power, prestige or position. When I focus on behaving in a way that I respect, I have more control over the outcome – because it’s my own behavior that I am working to... ...Continue Reading