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Get Prepared to Tackle the Hidden Job Market

“How to Get a Job When No One’s Hiring” is the topic of the article you’ll find when you click here. It is a very useful piece that everyone should read, because it will illuminate your job search even if you are finding desirable jobs posted on websites. Key is the focus on you doing... ...Continue Reading

Core Competencies

A recruiting firm based in England asked a pal to list her “Core Competencies” for a prospective top-level job, using these categories: Burning Drive for Results Strategic Dexterity Winning the license to operate Delivering through people Leading Others Think about your own skills and abilities in terms of these competencies. In my experience, they are... ...Continue Reading


One of many job search resources I found on Twitter. Click here specifically for jobs in NY State ...Continue Reading

Culture Counts!

Culture counts when looking for a job. Good cultural fit and positive work environment are usually critical factors in whether someone will be happy in a job, happy enough to put in time and energy, and not suffer stress that can lead to personal and health problems. It’s a good idea to come up with... ...Continue Reading

Lawyers Seeking Work

While so many of the tools and advice here will help lawyers, the site reachable by clicking the title specifically addresses legal job search. I’ve helped several lawyers move out of firm work and into staff counsel jobs, and even out of the legal field altogether. In fact the first people I helped with job... ...Continue Reading

Voicing Your Opinion at Work, a la Beyonce

Watch the Saturday Night Live skit featuring Beyonce and a trio of guys (and Justin Timberlake) who are supposed to be her backup dancers in her “Single Girls” music video. The article that comes up when you click on this post’s title discusses how important it is for us to speak up when we feel... ...Continue Reading

Non-Profit Tweets (on Twitter)

@nonprofitorgs polled Twitter users to gauge “How many Tweets do you think nonprofit organizations should send out per day?” Out of 331 votes, 136 or 41% thought it should be just 1-2 a day. Another 128 or 39% thought non-profits should tweet 3 to 5 times a day. I voted for 6-7 times a day,... ...Continue Reading

“Really Creative Resumes” are…well…potentially dangerous

Click here and visit this blog site that shows off 30 of what they term “brilliant plus creative resumes.” These resumes are the work of design students and professionals, presumable seeking work in the design field. My question: did all these people get interviews? If so, then bravo/brava! If not, it might be well for... ...Continue Reading


I am a big proponent of venting during your job search process. Venting is when you talk with someone trusted about all the obstacles, problems, fears, anxieties, anger, and frustration you feel and encounter every day and week. Venting is vital when you are under pressure – and a job search is definitely pressure-filled. Pressures... ...Continue Reading

Thank You Notes Matter!

To distinguish yourself from other candidates, always send a thank you note to the person or people who interviewed you. Establish a personal connection through your note. You are writing to a person who works in a specific place doing real things. So show that you know what they do. Refer to something raised during... ...Continue Reading

On-line Job Search Tools

Wow – it’s like an avalanche of tools on the internet to aid and abet your job search. CREATING YOUR ON-LINE PRESENCE One article helps you “think like a recruiter” and recommends LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, and Jigsaw as places that recruiters will search if they are looking for passive and active candidates. LinkedIn is the gold... ...Continue Reading

Shifting Perspective in Job Search

This week, my job search gang is singing a new tune: “Adaptation.” Those without jobs are adapting to the continuing bad economic news and conditions, and adjusting their expectations. Some are now willing to say yes to a job similar to what they had, others are developing consulting brochures and actively following up on leads... ...Continue Reading
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