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On-line Personality Assessments to Help Career Planning & Positioning

Here are several links to what I think are the most useful on-line personality assessments. The goal is to give you more information about yourself and enable you to better match your personality and tendencies to a work situation/culture/people so you are happiest, most productive and effective. It is important to adapt the findings to... ...Continue Reading

Your Cover Letter Markets You

A cover letter is your chance to present yourself as a terrific match with the employer’s needs as laid out in the job posting and description of responsibilities and qualifications. You need to convince them that you have the goods to be able to do this job superlatively. The cover letter makes the case for... ...Continue Reading

Go Ahead: Apply for that Job!

I hear some people saying they don’t want to apply for a specific job because they don’t think they really want to work at the specific workplace. Maybe they’ve heard negative things about it from former employees, or they think it’s too big or too small, or for some other reason. Yet they identified the... ...Continue Reading

Looking for work while you are working

Here are some great tips from Miriam Salpeter at the Newark Examiner to “help the busy employee who leads a double life as a job seeker”: Do NOT – I repeat – DO NOT conduct your job search while AT work. Spend some of your “down” time prepping for a job hunt. Invest in yourself... ...Continue Reading

Anger and Job Search

Today, I got a question that many other people have asked me in one form or another: “How can I be in this job and not be angry?” The person asking the question has been in her job for four years, dissatisfied for a couple of years, and actively seeking a new position for the... ...Continue Reading

11 Ways to Approach Job Search

Click here to read an article with some great short things to do and remember during your job search from the Five O’Clock Club (a national career coaching and outplacement organization. ...Continue Reading

Targeting Potential Employers

You can be proactive in your job search by looking for places you want to work, seeing if they have any jobs open, and then networking your way into an interview. This article on addresses non-profits specifically because those are Idealist’s target market. All the tips apply to a for-profit job search, as well.... ...Continue Reading

Setting Salary Expectations

Right now, employers hold most of the cards in salary negotiations. Websites like and point out that now is the time to get top-notch talent for relative bargain prices. “Relative” is the key word here. Because most employers know that people who accept pay well below their desired salary will end up resentful... ...Continue Reading

Salary Information

Here’s a new job search site that provides information on salaries for specific jobs at specific employers: I typed in “Director of Marketing” and the site returned 178 salary results (at 154 companies) around the US, and 26 in New York City. NYC salaries ranged from $305,000 to $40,000. The site also returned results... ...Continue Reading

Interview Tactics

Sometimes an interviewer asks you a question you didn’t expect. There’s no need to panic – you know the answer. All you need to do is give yourself some time to remember the answer and formulate the beginning of your answer. Here are some tactics that definitely work. Pause before answering if you are unsure... ...Continue Reading

Think Like a Recruiter

A recruiter gives her advice on how to act as your own recruiter – because a real recruiter isn’t going to work for an individual. Recruiters work for the company that pays them. Is it good to make yourself known to a recruiter? It can’t hurt to send a resume, to apply for something posted... ...Continue Reading

The Importance of Decency

On American Express’s OPEN forum, Seth Godin and Tom Peters discuss decency and not cutting corners in business with Susan Sobbott (President of OPEN) in this video at It goes along with my thinking that people are more likely to lead someone who has integrity, respects other people, respects themselves enough to live their... ...Continue Reading