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How to Land a Job in this Market

I heartily endorse the sentiments in this article: ...Continue Reading

Under-promise and Over-deliver

I talked to someone today who over-promises AND over-delivers – a recipe for getting completely overwhelmed. He is sick now with a bad cold, because he was doing more than he could handle. It doesn’t really matter why he did that; what matters is whether he does it again. Looking at this situation, he can... ...Continue Reading

2008 Charitable giving will focus on high-need groups

A recent JupiterResearch survey commissioned by Convio indicates that on-line donors may give more than $3 billion during the 2008 holiday season. More than 89 million people plan to give in November and December 2008. Most (67%) plan to give the same or more as last year, while 33% will give less because of the... ...Continue Reading