Monthly archive September, 2008

Changing my consciousness

I spend a lot of time on the internet finding free things that expand my knowledge and consciousness. Suddenly, I really get that changing a lifetime of attitudes, beliefs and behaviors REQUIRES surrounding myself with new messages for many moons. The messages about doing what I love, being a great inclusive leader etc., are still... ...Continue Reading

Rebuilding Trust

In my experience, rebuilding trust in an organization is achieved when there is both admission of wrong and forgiveness. Forgiveness is really important. The person who was wronged or betrayed needs to be willing to forgive the betrayer. It’s healing for that person to put down the grudge, to lay down the burden of anger... ...Continue Reading

Great consulting/job advice from NAFE

I just read this very useful article in the National Association of Female Employees’ (NAFE) newsletter. Hope it’s helpful to you! 5 Tips for Deciding Whether to Take That Job or Consulting Assignment You finally get the offer for that new job or consulting assignment you interviewed for. And, of course, you could certainly use... ...Continue Reading

Clearing Emotional Paths and Finding my Direction

Someone just let out a lot of toxins from the past and shared them with me so I can help her focus on positives. Clearing the path is so important!! At some point, it’s important to vent the crap so can get through to identifying the next steps. I believe it’s important not to confuse... ...Continue Reading

Changing culture one hire at a time

I have a client who graduated from Georgetown and then Columbia Law, got a prestigious clerkship, worked at white shoe law firms and now has transitioned into working for non-profits. She’s African-American. We talked this morning about how she always felt this undertone of “you should be grateful we hired you” at the white shoe... ...Continue Reading

How to Find Work You Love

The work as I see it (mostly in this order): Zero in on what you really want to do. What do you love doing? What do you do well? In what environment and culture do you thrive? What’s your “live with” number for compensation? This is your “must have list.” Develop a final profile and... ...Continue Reading


A topic I’ve long studied, good leadership to me is characterized by two key things: vision and compassion. Good leaders – the ones I will follow and the kind I strove to be – have a compelling vision of the future, a vision that seems achievable and reachable within a reasonable period of time. Kennedy’s... ...Continue Reading